Charles Spurgeon – What is it to be Lost?


What is it to be lost?

To be cast away from the presence of God, to be cast into hell, to have to suffer, and that forever, all that the justice of God can demand, all that the omnipotence of God can inflict.

Why, sirs, if I have but a headache, or a toothache for one brief hour, my patience can scarcely endure the torture.

What must it be to suffer such pains for a century? Man, I cannot guess what it must be!

What must it be to have ten thousand times worse pains than these for ever and ever?

But all the pangs and pains from which men suffer here are nothing to be compared with the woes and mental anguish of the world to come.

Oh, the agony of a spirit doomed, forlorn, accursed, upon which God shall put his foot in awful wrath and lift it up no more for ever!

And there, as you lie, tormented to the quick, you will have this to be your miserable portion: I heard the gospel, but I would not heed it; Christ was put before me, but I would not acknowledge him; I was entreated to believe in his name and fly to him for salvation, but I hesitated, hung in suspense, demurred, and at length denied him.

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