Zack Groff – The Gift of Sleep: Capturing the Biblical Vision of Rest


Caffeine. Late-night TV. Smartphones. Sugar. After-hours work e-mails. What do they have in common? With stunning success, we use these things – and more besides – to regularly rob ourselves of a good night’s sleep. But the problem is deeper than entertainment, technology, or any chemical stimulant.

In a society geared for productivity, sleep suffers. It may seem outlandish for us to discuss sleep as something to be done “to the glory of God.” Yet anything that takes up nearly a third of our time in this life ought to be committed to God’s glory rather than regarded as a necessary evil or professional liability. When we take a biblical perspective on sleep, we will abandon popular misconceptions and offer praise to God for the gift of restful slumber. The Bible presents sleep as a gift that helps us glorify and enjoy God as creatures bearing His image.

Sleep is a Gift

Imagine yourself walking through the door of your home after a long day. The sun has set. Crickets chirp as a warm breeze sneaks over the threshold behind you. You kick off your shoes and head to the bedroom to get some shut-eye. But as you lie down, thoughts run through your head of everything else you “should be doing instead.” Casting those thoughts aside, might you gratefully receive your rest as a gift?

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