Mike Leake – Should I Rejoice When My Enemy Falls, or Not?


Pharaoh was a bad dude. He took away Israelite freedoms and put them in bitter slavery for years. He remained obstinate to the Lord and enacted policies which were self-serving and soul-crushing to the weak and poor. Pharaoh was filled with lies. Pressed into a corner by the judgments of God, Pharaoh did what he thought was politically expedient—he let the Jews go. But then he had second thoughts — he went back on his word and pursued the Israelites.

Pharaoh and all his precious chariots drowned in the sea. It should have been a certain victory. They had the Israelites pinned down. They probably even uncorked the champagne bottles for their sure and certain victory. Then the sea parted. The Israelites were rescued and the Egyptians destroyed. The enemy had fallen.

So what did Moses do when his enemy fell?

He busted out into worship (Exodus 15). He rejoiced at the activity of God in rescuing them from the wicked Pharaoh.

What are the saints in Revelation 18 called upon to do when Babylon, their great enemy, falls?

They are called to ‘rejoice over her’. The enemy has fallen “for God has given judgment for you against her”.

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