Douglas Wilson – Psalm 82: God Among Gods


We come now to yet another psalm of Asaph. Unlike many psalms, this one is not directed to God. It speaks of Him, but the import of what is said is directed at rulers. This is an Old Testament instance of “teaching and admonishing one another,” although in this case directed at wickedness outside the covenant. But it is a word to be sung horizontally.


“God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; He judgeth among the gods…” (Psalm 82:1-8).


The psalm begins, for us at least, very cryptically. Elohim judges among the elohim (v. 1), doing so in the Council of El. His complaint against them is that they are unjust in their judgments (v. 2). Instead of what they have been doing, they should deliver those who are oppressed (vv. 3-4). When rulers rule wickedly, they blunder on stupidly in the dark, and they put everything out of joint (v. 5). God says that He had declared them gods (v. 6), but that now they will die the way that men do (v. 7). God is then invited to rise up, judge the world, and inherit all the nations (v. 8).

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