Chris Bruno – Foolish and Slow of Heart

Mapping Your Story to the Ongoing Mission of God

Are you too foolish and slow of heart to understand why life sometimes doesn’t make sense? I know I often am. If you are like me in this way—and my guess is most people are—you’ve probably had moments where life hits you in the face and you can’t tell up from down anymore. It might be a job lost out of the blue or the normal stresses of life pressing in on you until you feel like you’re at the breaking point. Or maybe everything is turning out just as you had hoped. You’re in your dream job with your dream house and your dream family. But still something doesn’t feel quite right. You’re missing something, but cannot put your finger on it.

When life feels like it’s taken a wrong turn, we are often tempted to wonder how things ended up this way. When we feel empty in the middle of our greatest successes, it is disorienting and confusing. We are tempted to ask where things went wrong. But if we are mapping our lives with the ongoing story of the Bible, then we may discover that the problem was not so much in us taking a wrong turn but instead in misunderstanding our path altogether.

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Michael lives in Belleville, IL, a suburb of St. Louis, MO with his wife Erica and daughter Alissa. An 8 year Navy veteran, he is now employed at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) where he oversees advanced educational programs. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion (Biblical Studies) from Liberty University. He is an avid reader and blogger operating the website Christian Apologetics and Intelligence Ministry ( which provides both original content and shares relevant posts and articles from around the web.

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