Dr. Andrew Fabich – The Dirt Is Alive: God’s Design for Soil Microbiome

God made dirt — before He cursed it along with the significant amount of life present in the soil. In one acre of land, there is an equivalent biomass of an octopus in terms of the microbial life. The life in the earth is so immense that it directly affects crop yields and the food chain. While it’s often swept under the rug, we shouldn’t dismiss the amazing design found in soil particulates.

Mud Pies and Microbes

I remember making mud pies as a child for my mom—she didn’t like them too much. Pie making was always the best just after a good rain, but I had no idea that I was covering my hands in germs. Though I now know there was probably other biomaterial present in the soil (e.g., the organic matter called humus), back then the combination always warranted washing my germy hands when I went inside. In terms of our overall health, there is a fine balance between all the germs in the dirt and all the other stuff that it is made of. Dirt is dirty, but not in the ways that we often think.

While earth is typically considered to be only rocks and dirt, life is also abundant in soil. But we cannot observe all the living things in the soil with our eyes—they require a microscope for us to see them.

We know that “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1); however, Scripture is silent on using words like bacterium, germ, or microbial ecology. Therefore, though no one can assertively determine which day God actually created bacteria, we have a pretty good idea when bacteria were brought into existence.3 There is no doubt that God created “everything” and called it “very good,” so that must also include bacteria. Since we find bacteria with a purpose in dirt and we know that God created the dirt, we know that God created the dirt with microbes as well.

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