Book Review – The Story of Everything

The Story of Everything

The story of everything. That is a rather all-encompassing statement to make is it not? But when it comes to assessing the God of the universe, at least according to what Scripture says about Him, one has to submit to the reality that all things fit within God’s perfect plan for His creation. In his latest book aptly titled The Story of Everything: How You, Your Pets, and the Swiss Alps Fit into God’s Plan for the World, Jared Wilson outlines just what this looks like.

This is not one of those deeply theological books that walks the reader through all the various terms theologians and theological systems use when it comes to God’s sovereignty. Wilson is not focused on parsing out all those concepts from that type of approach. With that said, this is not a book of unfounded opinions either. Wilson spends a great deal of time searching the Scriptures and demonstrating why every single thing fits into God’s plans. Nothing is unimportant or trivial when it comes to this overarching strategy of the Creator.

Grasping that everything fits within that plan is an absolute necessity, especially in a world today that daily sees its share of sorrow with a few rays of sunshine sprinkled in the mix. People die as a result of horrific weather events, starvation, and at the cruel hands of other humans. This often leaves people wondering if anyone or anything, let alone a supreme being cares or is in control. People search for answers in the midst of trouble. Believers must be equipped to present the reality that in the midst of what seems like despair, God is still fully in control and has been all along.

Wilson saliently notes, “God’s plan to bring lasting, satisfying connection and significance to mankind, to cure the angst for more that we all feel deep inside, to make us feel less like aliens and less like searching for them – is found in this thing the Bible calls grace. Grace is God’s modus operandi in the world.” God sending His Son into the world is the crux of this modus operandi, the focal point of His marvelous plan that has been unfolding in history since eternity past. We are all part of this story – His story.

Thus, when we grasp that as believers we play an important role in God’s story, we can better understand what God has told us to be about doing, namely the commands given in His word. We understand there is a purpose to our lives, one that seeks to glorify God at all times in all that we do. Wilson correctly states, that “if we are bringing glory to Jesus, not a thing about us is wasted, because the mission of the Spirit of God is to maximize the glory of Christ over all the universe.” Having this focus in our lives helps us remember that one day God will bring all things to restoration and will restore the broken relationship between Him and those He has called to be His own. We can then go into all the world and share this message, the gospel message that Jesus came to save us from death and to bring us to life in relationship with our Creator.

The Story of Everything is an exciting book and one that will help a great many refocus their perspective on life. Nothing we do is unimportant and all that we do should be focused on declaring to a world that needs to hear the fact that despite what seems like chaos all around, God is in control, He loves you, and He sent His Son to pay the penalty for sin in order to in God’s perfect timing, redeem that which has been so marred by man’s rebellion. A curious title perhaps for a book but one that is spot on target and one that will get you thinking in the right direction about your role in God’s plan and what He desires you to be about doing for His glory and honor.

This book is available for purchase from Crossway Books by clicking here.

I received this book for free from Crossway Books and the opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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