Michael Boling – Thoughts from The Theocratic Kingdom: Proposition 29


In Proposition 29, George Peters states:

“This Theocracy or Kingdom is exclusively given to the natural descendants of Abraham, in their corporate capacity.”

Peters reiterates in this proposition points he had been driving home already, namely that the people of God, in this particular discussion point that of Israel, were elect by God and set apart from the surrounding nations. God chose them to be His people and to rule over them in this theocracy. This is a rather undeniable element of Scripture. God made a covenant with Abraham and remained faithful to that covenant.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 29 is the following:

“This gives us one of the reasons why intermarriages with heathen were forbidden, why Ezra and Nehemiah manifested such zeal in purging the Jewish nation, why the amalgamation of the Jewish with other nations was prohibited. The introduction of others into the nation could only be lawfully preferred in accord with a proper confession of faith, and then could they participate in the Theocratic privileges and blessings.”

God called His people to be separate, to be kadosh, holy, set apart, a peculiar people who were in a marriage covenant relationship with God. Ever wonder why God is a jealous God? Ever wonder why God was so particular about His people not worshiping other gods and not doing as the heathen do? God’s people are a special people. This includes us today. Perhaps we are a bit too flippant and casual about this relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Perhaps we do not spend enough time in reverence and awe when we worship God. Perhaps we fail to realize how may times we chase after other gods and other things that call to our sinful nature. May we have the zeal to purge ourselves of that which is heathen through the work of the Holy Spirit. A spiritual detox if you will. Being part of the Kingdom and part of this Theocracy is a special thing. Let’s treat it as such and strive to be holy, set apart, blameless, and in love with our King in a spirit that demonstrates the fear of the Lord.

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