Michael Boling – Thoughts from The Theocratic Kingdom: Proposition 35


In Proposition 35, George Peters states:

“The Prophets describe but one Kingdom.”

Peters builds on his previous proposition, more specifically stating here that there is but a single Kingdom, the Theocracy. While the Davidic Kingdom was certainly in existence and that throne will once again be occupied when Messiah returns, as noted in an earlier proposition, since the two are so intimately connected, they are one and thus the description by the Prophets of but one Kingdom.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 35 is the following:

“The Prophets describing one Kingdom, here on the earth, at some time in the future under the Messiah, and associated with the Jewish nation and the Davidic throne, it is a gross violation of all propriety to take these prophetic descriptions and arbitrarily apply them, as many do, by dividing them – one part to the earth, another to the third heaven; one portion to the present time, and another to the distant future. This separation and disintegration of things that belong together, and relate to the same period of time and to the same locality, being even exhibited in the same sentence, as e.g. Isaiah 25:8, where the abolishing of death is put in the future, and the rest is applied, without warrant, to the church as now constituted.”

This is quite an interesting and valuable observation. Some often forget that the nature of God’s Kingdom was originally in an earthly context and despite sin and the separation of God and creation due to sin, God still reigns on earth as Sovereign King. He also remained Sovereign King on earth even after the exile and the lack of an earthly human king sitting on the throne of David, something that continues to this day. There is the temptation to assert that the church somehow has replaced the Jewish nation and essentially rules in their stead, being the replacement and new source of God’s dealings with humanity here on earth. This is an unfortunate and incorrect position to take as noted by Peters. I trust Peters will continue to flesh out this idea a bit further, namely the prediction of one Kingdom and all that entails and why such a reality is vital for understanding the doctrine of the kingdom and prophecies concerning it.

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