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During college I struggled with one of the essential practices of Christianity: daily, focused communion with God through Bible reading and prayer. I knew I should do it. I could quote most of the scripture references about why reading the Bible is crucial. I even learned some tools that would help me dig deeper into God’s Word. But I still struggled to regularly crack the thing open, let alone putting time into studying and praying through it.

Of course I’d run to the Bible when I needed God, when I wanted something, or when I felt conviction from sin. I enjoyed listening to good preaching and attending lively bible studies. But my personal times of worship were sparse. This would be a good time to lobby for personal worship, but I’m assuming you already believe that personal fellowship with your Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer is essential to your daily well-being and perseverance over the long haul. If not, then read the last half of the last sentence again, this time slowly.

Since college I’ve grown in prioritizing Bible reading. I’ve learned that I must approach the Bible with focus and care in order to meet with God.

Here are 8 ways to make the most of your bible reading I hope you’ll find helpful:

1) Anticipate God speaking to you through it.

The way we approach the Bible is as important as what we do when we’re in it. I’ve spoken to many friends who do not approach the Bible as if God is about to speak to them, giving them a word for their day. Instead, they approach it like a textbook. Or a book of wisdom. Or a rulebook.

As a result they are more often bored, confused, and burdened when they read their Bibles than rejuvenated, enlightened, and excited. God desires to speak something to you. He has something for you in His Word for your particular day. Do you believe that? Are you eagerly anticipating what He might say to you today?

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