Douglas Wilson – Wisdom and the Wise: Themes in Proverbs 1



As we begin a short series of messages on “themes in Proverbs,” we begin with the topic of wisdom—wisdom and the wise. This book is part of what is called the Wisdom Literature of Scripture, and so in one sense everything the book teaches falls under the heading of wisdom. But I want to focus on wisdom and the wise specifically in this first message. Consider it a crash course in a subject that does not admit of crash courses.


“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: And with all thy getting get understanding” (Prov. 4:7).


With all your doing, do wisdom. In all your singing, sing wisdom. In all your getting, get wisdom. In all your purchases, purchase wisdom. In all your hunting, hunt wisdom. And why? Because wisdom is the principal thing. Whatever else you do, do not neglect wisdom.

Those who do not get wisdom are pursuing something else instead. It might be pleasure, or rules, or partial wisdom, or self-righteousness, or superficial wisdom. But whatever it is, if it is not true wisdom, wisdom all the way down, it is not worth the time or trouble.

Many volumes could be written on what Proverbs alone says about wisdom—it is a mountain range with many boulders. My purpose here is simply to point out some of the major peaks. And as you gaze at the whole, remember that Christ is the mountain range.

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