Horatius Bonar – Practical Religion

1. Words of Warning

Woe unto the wicked! It shall be ill with him. — Isa. 3:11

To whom the mist of darkness is reserved forever. — 2 Pet. 2:17

Unconverted Sinner, thy state is sad, and thy misery is great! No tongue can tell how sad is that state — no soul can conceive how great is that misery. Thine heart may well meditate terror, for thou art still unpardoned, uncleansed, unsaved! Thy feet are just about to stumble upon the dark mountains; and woe, woe, yea, ten thousand times woe to thy poor soul, if this night it were required of thee. Poor forlorn soul! Thou hast no God, and therefore thou hast no happiness! Thou hast no Christ, and therefore thou hast no pardon, no peace! Thou art without a father, without a friend, without a hope, and without a home! This earth is truly to thee “a wilderness and a land of darkness.” Thou walkest through it a houseless, homeless wanderer; no arm to lean upon, no chosen companion of your secret thoughts and feelings; no friend to soothe your griefs or share your joys! Thou mayest have what men call a father, a brother, a home, on earth; but thou canst not call God thy father, nor Jesus thy brother, nor heaven thy home above! Thou wanderest on from day to day, a houseless, homeless outcast, seeing nothing around thee but trouble and sorrow, and nothing before thee or above thee but the blackness of darkness forever! (Jude 13).

Thou art an enemy to God! (Rom. 8:7). And who has ever hardened his heart against Him and prospered? An enemy to the blessed God! An enemy to Him that made thee — to one that has never wronged thee in ought — to one that has loved thee with a love so true and tender as to give for thee His only begotten Son! Yea, thou hatest Him! (John 15:24). Thou treatest Him as if He were some hateful and hated fellow worm, whose company thou couldest not endure (Job 16:14). Oh, what vile ingratitude, what desperate malignity, thus to return enmity for friendship, hatred and scorn for gentleness and love! The most loveable object in all the universe is the object that thou hatest most! Oh, what madness, what enormous wickedness!

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