Darren Carlson – Foster Care as the Way of Christ

He told us how many of them did not cry the first night.

In 2004 I learned about foster care from Perry Downs, a long-time professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He and his wife had taken in many children over the years. When he would check on them, they were screaming into their pillows. They had learned that they would be beaten if they cried, so he would only see silent screams.

Twelve years and a few kids later, my wife and I have opened our home to foster children. We have been part of a church culture that cares for orphans. During Sunday services we are graced with numerous racially mixed families (a little foretaste of heaven) as families are diversified through adoption and foster children. As pro-life Christians, we strive to care about orphans and neglected children who have made it outside the womb.

Caring for Children in Need

Foster care is a system run by the government where minors are put into the custody of the state and placed with foster parents to care for their daily needs. Staggeringly, there are 415,000 children in foster care right now, each staying in foster care an average of two years.

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