Nick Batzig – A Biblical Theology of Glory

We rarely use the word glory in any knowledgeable sense in our culture. Sometimes we employ it in its adjectival form (i.e. glorious) when speaking of a sunset or some particularly unique accomplishment (usually that which is instrumental, athletic or theatric in nature). It’s my assumption that most of us use the word glory and its derivations for emphasis without being cognizant of what the word it actually means. Significantly, the concept of glory is the greatest of concepts in this world, as it is the emanating of the perfections of the infinite and eternal God–both in creation and new creation. In an entry in his Miscellanies, Jonathan Edwards defined the word glory in the following way:

“Glory is a shining forth, an effulgence; so the glory of God is the shining forth or effulgence of His perfections, or the communication of his perfections, for effulgence is the communication of light.”

To whatever we may ascribe the concept of glory, of this much we must be settled–glory is inherent in God and something that He has chosen to share with His image bearers. However, glory is also something that we lost in the fall and is the chief thing that God has promised to restore in Christ by virtue of His work of redemption.

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