Avery Foley – Graphene: Seeing God’s Handiwork and Care in Chemistry

God’s creation is filled with amazing design. Often when we think of design, we immediately picture hummingbirds, butterflies, or the human body. But God’s design can be seen in the obvious and the not so obvious. Have you ever stopped to consider how even chemistry showcases God’s handiwork, creativity, and care for his creation?

Graphene, the “Wonder Material”

Carbon, the sixth element on the periodic table, is considered “King of the Elements.” It appears in three major forms in nature. One of these forms, diamond, is transparent and the hardest known material while another form, graphite, is black and very soft. Carbon is essential to life.

In 2002 researchers at the University of Manchester isolated graphene, an ultra-thin sheet of carbon atoms, by peeling off layers of graphite with tape until they had a layer just one atom thick. Now the strongest material known to man, this “wonder material” is pliable, strong, and conductive.

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