Michael Boling – Dealing with Anxiety as the New Guy at Work

This past week I moved to a new position where I work. After 10 years of having the same job function, knowing pretty much exactly what I am supposed to do day in and day out, and being the subject matter expert, I am now the new guy. The rookie. The new kid on the block in my new office. The person who asks a million questions about how to do something.

I have to say my new co-workers and supervisory chain has been very warm and inviting. A good thing is the team I have joined is relatively new and the services we provide has under a bit of a transformation of late, meaning all are in somewhat of a learning and transition themselves. Another benefit is I had some familiarity and somewhat of a working relationship with many on this new team.

Even knowing this new team and new experience is going to in the long run be far less stressful than my former position, I still felt a great deal of anxiety. It was almost like the first day of kindergarten as I left for work Tuesday morning and moved (quite literally as I had to move my work belongings to a different floor) to this new position. With the holiday on a Monday, I even had an additional day to build up my level of anxiousness.

During this transition, I was reminded of Psalm 56:3 which states quite simply yet profoundly, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Of course the “you” referenced in this passage is God, Almighty Yahweh who is the ruler and sustainer of all things.

Life will inevitably bring its share of changes. For many of us, including myself, we may feel anxiety and uncertainty when the proverbial cheese has been moved. Even in the rat race of life, when changes come our way and take us out of our comfort zone, we can rest assured that even in the great turmoil, we can place our trust in God.

I am trying to do so this week during this period of transition and newness. Instead of giving in to fear and anxiety, I am trusting this move is part of God’s grand plan, knowing in the end, He is fully in charge of all that takes place. With that assurance, I can press forward in this new phase at work with confidence instead of fear. Even when a situation may be stressful, I can always and must always say, “In you God I place my trust.”

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