Matthew Harmon – 10 Things You Should Know about Reading the Bible

1. The Bible is both a divine and a human book.

Every word of the Bible is inspired by God (2 Tim. 3:16). He spoke through the various human authors, using their unique personalities and writing styles to communicate exactly what he wanted to say (2 Pet. 1:20–21).

2. The Bible is a story.

The Bible is not simply a collection of religious sayings or an anthology of various people’s religious experiences. The Bible tells us the true story of the world, the way things truly are and should be. Understanding the basic plot of the Bible that runs from Genesis to Revelation helps us better understand every passage in between.

3. The Bible focuses on God and his plans for the world.

God is the main character of the Bible. He created humanity to reflect his image by ruling over creation as stewards under his authority. But Satan deceived Adam and Eve into rebelling against God, plunging all of creation under the curse of sin and death. The rest of the Bible gradually unfolds God’s plan to redeem his people from their sin, defeat their greatest enemy Satan, and transform creation for his redeemed people to enjoy forever.

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