Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Mahaney Whitacre – 5 Tips for Managing Your Emotions

5 Tips for Managing Your Emotions

“I’m over here trying to deal with my out-of-control feelings,” a friend wrote in an email. “I’m having one of those special times when out of nowhere you are off-the-charts overreacting in anger to the dumbest things that yesterday didn’t faze you. I mean this is for real.” Here is a godly woman who is known for her steadfast trust in God, but, like all of us, she has those moments when it feels like her emotions have taken over and are hijacking her spiritual progress.

So how do we handle our feelings? How do we fix them when they are broken? How do we keep our emotions from taking control of our lives?

God did not leave us to handle our emotions on our own. He didn’t say, “Here, I am giving you this jumble of confusing feelings. Hope you can figure them out on your own.” No, God has given us everything we need in his Word to learn how to manage our feelings and glorify him with our emotions.

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