Jason Helopoulos – Weapons in the Fight Against Anxiety and Fear

A two-year-old will never obsess about world economies. A three-year-old will never ask for lectures on totalitarian regimes. It is beyond them. If you think otherwise, just try and lecture them about it. They won’t pay attention. Their tiny minds can’t be filled with such thoughts. There is a benefit to their limited capacity. At that age, they will never worry about failed economies, stock market downturns, or corrupt elections. Some anxieties, fears, worries, and even desires escape them. There is a lesson for Christian adults in this.

In Psalm 131:1, David says, “I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me.” Most of us would benefit from such a frame of mind. We would experience less sleepless nights, obsessing over things beyond our reach creating anxieties about tomorrow. David is not dismissing the benefits of growing in knowledge or understanding. Rather, what David has in mind are things that lie outside his purview and sphere of responsibility. Some things remain too great and too marvelous for him, because they were not meant for him to know and understand.

The desire to know why things are happening in our life and even more so to control things in our life is one of the greatest killers of contentment. It also proves to be one of the greatest engines of anxiety.

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