Chap Bettis – Three Powerful Questions to Unlock the Heart of Your Teen

I have a hobby you might find unusual. I collect questions.

While some people collect dolls, baseball cards, or antiques, I collect questions. You might wonder why I ever started this; and I’ll tell you: I came to recognize what a powerful teaching tool questions were and how they can really serve as a heart connector.

A quick survey of the gospels reveals that Jesus, our Savior and Teacher, asked 307 questions. He used questions to gather information (“How many loaves do you have?”), to teach (“Whose likeness and image is on this coin?”), and to gain commitment (“Who do you say that I am?”).

Too many times as a parent, I want to lecture my child when in fact a question is a much better tool to teach and to strengthen the relationship.

Realizing the power of questions changed how I communicated with my children. As I interacted with my four teens, I found three questions that powerfully unlocked many fruitful conversations.

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