John MacArthur – Rationality Without the Rationalism

The world changed when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. From a practical perspective, the physical barrier separating communism from capitalism had been removed. But the worldview shift it signified had far greater ramifications for all of us. That momentous event in Germany sounded the death knell for modernism.

Modernism is the worldview that spawned almost every evil ideology that dominated the twentieth century: Darwinism, Marxism, fascism, atheism, theological liberalism, you name it. Science was enshrined, the miraculous denied, and human reason deified. It was the age of rationalism.

But the trail of disasters and dead bodies was impossible to ignore. Postmodernism then usurped the modernistic worldview by rightly acknowledging its immense failures. While postmodernists dispensed with the rationalism of their predecessors, they foolishly did away with rational thought as well.

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