Scott Slayton – How to Cultivate a Lifelong Love of Learning

I turned 40 a few months ago and have started experiencing some of the things associated with growing older that I have heard about for most of my life. For example, I have noticed that my physical health is something that I have to stay on top of. If I don’t actively work at getting in better shape, I go backward quickly. I can’t rely on all the miles I ran in my early 30’s. I have to be working now.

In the same way, we often shift into neutral when it comes to learning as we get older. We know what we need to know to get through our day and don’t bother ourselves with knowing anything else. This is an unhelpful practice for us in general because it means that we are not cultivating the life of the mind that helps us to grow as citizens, neighbors, spouses, parents, and friends. When it comes to our spiritual lives, this kind of apathy towards continuing to learn the Scriptures shifts our walk with the Lord in neutral, or worse, When we are not being transformed by the renewing of our minds, we will be conformed to the course of this fallen world.

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