Michael Boling – Public Service Announcement

No this is not a quick blurb about how you can prevent forest fires. Smokey the Bear has a good handle on that.

If you have followed this blog for any length of time or have just stumbled across it, you likely have noticed I share snippets of blog posts with a link to the original post. I do this on pretty much a daily basis with at least two posts being shared. Any original content by myself or guest contributors will round out the selections for any given day.

With that said, I felt the need to share a quick public service announcement.

As I noted, I share a good number of links to other blogs/websites/videos by a variety of authors, both current and past. By no means does my sharing a link to a website/blog/video by an author/speak equate to a statement that I agree 100% with everything one might find at those links. What sharing a link does say is that particular article or video was something I believe was worth sharing. Even then, that does not mean I agree 100% with everything in that specific link. However, what is shared meets the threshold I set (a pretty high bar I might add) for being doctrinally sound.

For that matter, as I look back at things I have written over the years, I have discovered I sometimes do not even agree with myself as time goes by. Chalk that up hopefully to theological growth or perhaps just thinking through a matter in more depth.

Anyway, I thought I would share this quick PSA.

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