Michael Boling – Thoughts from the Theocratic Kingdom (Vol. 2): Proposition 112


In Proposition 112, George Peters states:

“The Kingdom, if established as predicted, demands the national restoration of the Jews in their own land.”

This proposition is a natural extension of Prop. 111, namely that if an earthly Kingdom is what is in view in keeping with God’s covenant promises, there must be a national restoration of Israel not collectively to just any place on earth, but a particular location – their homeland.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 112 is the following:

“The reader will consider how unnatural – even cruel – it would be, if the doctrine of a restoration is not to be received, to give so many predictions which in their plain grammatical sense teach a future glorious national restoration of the Jews to their once possessed land. Why thus excite the expectations and hopes of a multitude for many centuries of oppression and exile, if they are never to be realized? Would such a course of procedure be honorable even in man, knowing as he must the deception that would accrue from it? To trifle with the dearest, most heart-felt hopes of a nation by language pre-eminently calculated to excite the same, is not Divine, and we earnestly repudiate every theory which either directly or indirectly charges Holy Writ with such a node of procedure. No! God’s Word is the truth, and the grammatical sense – the sense which all men agree is the most legitimate in language – contains the plain truth, which God will fulfil at the appointed time.”

Peters’ observation makes perfect and clear sense. God repeatedly noted He would bring His people back. Back where one might ask. To the land of promise, the land of their forefathers, the land God promised and covenanted to His people. To make such repeated declarations rooted in a covenant promise and then to turn around and not keep that covenant promise would go against the very nature of God. Since God is not a liar, we can affirm just what Scripture declares, namely a restoration of the people of Israel to the land will be part and parcel to the establishment of the Kingdom. The two are, as we noted in the previous proposition/observation, intimately integrated.

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