Michael Boling – Thoughts from the Theocratic Kingdom (Vol. 2): Proposition 116


In Proposition 116, George Peters states:

“This Kingdom is a visible, external one, here on the earth, taking the place of earthly kingdoms (comp. Props. 122, 111, 123, etc.).”

Peters again drives home the importance of understanding the visible, physical nature of the future, promised Kingdom of God. This will not be just a spiritual venture on the part of God, something merely experienced in our hearts. Conversely, this kingdom will be real and will be established on earth, superceding and fully replacing all earthly kingdoms that will be in place at that time.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 116 is the following:

“If the popular definition of the Kingdom of God, viz., that it is “God’s reign in the heart” (thus confounding God’s Sovereignty with a special Kingdom of promise) is correct, how comes it thta the prophets assign it specified time and place in the future? How comes it that it is spoken of as established at a certain period, and as pertaining to the humanity of Jesus Christ? Surely something very different from the absolute eternal Sovereignty of God is denoted; it may be, and is indeed attached to, and grows out of, that Sovereignty, but linked as it is with the elect Jewish nation, the Davidic throne and Kingdom, the human nature of Christ as David’s Son, the outward visibility and dominion, the ending of the times of the Gentiles, the restoration of the Jewish nation, etc., it cannot be referred to any other Kingdom but the Theocratic-Davidic as believed in, and preached by the early churches. Admit this, and the significance and unity of covenant and prophecy are apparent; deny it, and diversity and antagonism follow.”

There is an unfortunate tendency to state the Kingdom of God is simply within our hearts since after all, as believers, God rules and reigns in our hearts. While true, that is not the message Scripture reveals concerning the doctrine of the Kingdom. While our hearts are a part of where God rules, the full reality is a future earthly Kingdom. As Peters rightly notes, this future earthly kingdom is linked to the restoration of the Jewish nation.

To limit this Kingdom to being only of a spiritual nature, we are limiting God’s sovereignty to being located only in our hearts. The reality is God’s Sovereignty in this regard is a much bigger construct. It will involve the utter destruction of the wicked, the restoration of the Jewish nation per God’s covenant promises with His people, and the establishment of the Theocratic-Davidic kingdom on a renewed earth. Peters correctly identifies that such a position is rooted in the clear teaching of Scripture as found in the message of the prophets and for that matter all through God’s Word. To limit or deny such a proposition is to misunderstand God’s divine plan for His people and to place God’s Sovereignty within the confines of the human heart rather than recognizing the affirming that even something greater will take place.

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