Michael Boling – Thoughts from the Theocratic Kingdom (Vol. 2): Proposition 120


In Proposition 120, George Peters states:

“This Kingdom with its Millennial blessings can only be introduced through the power of God in Christ Jesus.”

This seems like such an obvious proposition to make, but nevertheless, it must be stated lest someone try and assert the coming Kingdom will come about through some other means than the power of God in Jesus. This is a Theocratic Kingdom and thus it will be instituted by the Creator, Ruler, Sustainer, and Redeemer. Moreover, the return of the Messiah is essential to this coming Kingdom being established.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 120 is the following:

“This Kingdom designed to carry out and display the Redemptive process in its realization will exhibit in the highest degree the love of God through re-creative power and activity. No one doubts but that such love was strongly shown in creation, in the Incarnation, in Providential movements, etc., but all these, if we are to credit the Prophets, are only forerunners of a higher manifestation of His goodness when the consummation arrives. God revealed directly through humanity as the Theocratic God, acts of restoration and renewal, the complete union of Church and State, the subordination of the human to the divine Will, the rule of righteousness and righteous submission harmoniously blended, the abrogration of all divergence between religion and science, the world and heaven, the heart and God, life and holiness – all this calls forth exhibitions of love in Father, Son, and Spirit, to which all previously given ones are only earnests of the ultimate feast.”

Peters aptly notes the coming Kingdom will be the full realization of the redemptive process. Any redemptive events that have taken place thus far in salvation history are but a foretaste of the fullness to come. We can only grasp a tiny portion of what this coming Kingdom will be like when established. The separation between Creator and His creation will be no more, the issues of sin, death, and decay will be forever dealt with, and holiness will abound in the prescence of God. God will be on His throne on a renewed and restored earth and as Peters has so saliently noted, the “rule of righteousness and righteous submission” will be “harmoniously blended.”

I have said this before and I do not doubt I will state it several more times, I long for this day and I hope you do as well. While we may see glimpses of peace and love in our world today, they are fleeting compared to the eternal joy that will result from this coming Theocratic Kingdom.

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