Michael Boling – Thoughts from the Theocratic Kingdom (Vol. 2): Proposition 122


In Proposition 122, George Peters states:

“As Son of Man, David’s Son, Jesus inherits David’s throne and Kingdom, and also the land of Palestine.”

This proposition posits some very commons sense thinking. If Jesus is of the line of Judah and heir to the throne of David, then the logical conclusion is as the heir, Jesus will inherit the throne of David. This throne is in a specific piece of land, albeit ruling over all the earth. The specific land is the land of promise, covenanted by God to His people.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 122 is the following:

“The student will see that the inheritance covenanted is not typical of something else. The mystical views that would make it a type of something spiritual are refuted by the literal tenor of the covenant, and that all the prophecies and promises reiterate that literality which is corroborated by the idea of inheriting. The Kingdom at the time of the covenant was literal; the promise of inheriting is literal, confined as it is by the express terms to the literal Theocracy; the Coming of the Heir is literal; the postponement is literal; all is literal. Whatever spiritual blessings and additional glory may be added, the inheritance cannot, without the greatest violence, be transmuted into something else. The same tabernacle fallen down (Acts 15:16) is Christ’s inheritance, and to fulfill the covenant is to be rebuilt again when Jesus, David’s Son, comes again. It is the same Kingdom that (Props. 69. 70, and 71) the preachers of the Kingdom under special Messianic instruction declared as see e.g. in Acts 1:6. It is (Props. 32 and 33) the same Theocratic-Davidic Kingdom that was removed, that is finally, after (e.g. Hos. 3:4) a long interval, to be restored.”

The literal understanding and nature of this inheritance cannot be overstated. While there is a definite spiritual component to the rule of God both in this life and in eternity, the doctrine of the Kingdom as it relates to what will be inherited by Jesus is absolutely a literal construct. A literal return of the heir to the David throne will result in a literal Theocratic kingdom being established. To propose this is all just some mystical/spiritual event ignores the literal nature of what was covenanted by God.

Peters rightly notes a mystical/spiritual only approach involves great violence. Great violence against what? Violence against the clear teaching of Scripture to include the covenant rooted promises of God, promises declaring the establishment of a literal, future, eternal kingdom. The consistent pattern and declaration of Scripture to include the prophets and the NT authors, demands we understanding this coming kingdom in a literal manner. The very nature of Jesus being the heir to the throne demands such an observation by Peters and rightly so.

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