Michael Boling – Thoughts from the Theocratic Kingdom (Vol. 2): Proposition 127


In Proposition 127, George Peters states:

“In support of our view, the Apocalypse unmistakably teaches a Pre-Millennial resurrection of the saints.”

Peters continues to work through the end-times timeline as it relates to a Pre-Millennial resurrection of the saints and how this event connects to the Theocratic Kingdom. In this proposition, he presents a statement that simply notes that the time of tribulation will precede the millennium and the Second Advent. Scripture teaches at the Second Advent, there will be a resurrection of the saints. Thus, it seems rather hard to argue against this proposition or its stated timeline.

The most notable observation Peters presents in Proposition 127 is the following:

“The reader is directed to Rev. 11:18, and under the last trumpet, preceding (as all must admit) the Millennium, we have “the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward,” etc. Here is a distinctice Pre-Millennial resurrection asserted in connection with a time of wrath and rewarding, which the general analogy asserts as belonging to the Second Advent of Jesus. To acknowledge a resurrection of dead ones to be here announced, and then to postpone the same until after the 1000 years, is a mere subterfuge, seeing that the connection demands its fulfillment, under the sevent trumpet, or at the period of time thus designated.”

I do not lay any claim to being an expert on matters of eschatology. While I do affirm a particular position on the rapture and I do hold to a pre-millennial viewpoint as well, I still have much to study and learn regarding all the specific elements, the timing of events, and where such things are outlined throughout Scripture. Let’s be honest, it is a lifelong pursuit and an important one. With that said, based on what I have read and what I understand at this point, what Peters is providing in his observation aligns with the timing of events found in Scripture.

In matters of eschatology, the old adage, “timing is everything” is quite applicable. If we assert an incorrect timing of events regarding the resurrection of the righteous, then the timeline of events for one’s eschatology, in particular as it relates to the doctrine of the Kingdom, gets completely out of whack. Peters notes that reality in this observation, aptly describing any delay of the resurrection to after the millennium as subterfuge. For anyone not familiar with that term (given it is not typically used in modern writing or conversation), it means “deceit used in order to achieve one’s goal.” While that may seem like a rather strong term, perhaps we can at a minimum state to incorrectly approach matters of timing in this regard is a noticeable slight of hand at best.

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