T. Desmond Alexander – Don’t Pack Your Bags for Heaven

Hope for the Deepest Darkness

When the only certainty about life is death, the Gospel message of resurrection-life offers comfort and hope. When you stand beside the open grave of a loved one, the proclamation of Jesus Christ as the resurrection and the life contrasts sharply with the hopeless comfort of an atheist. Knowing that there is life beyond death remains one of the great pastoral strengths of the Christian faith. Here is a hope that transcends the deepest despair.

While the reality of resurrection life continues to be a core component of what all Christians believe, many believers are much less certain about the form it will take. Many expect that earthly life will be transformed into heavenly life, whatever that will look like. They may not subscribe to the popular caricature of floating on clouds with wings and playing harps, but they believe that the life to come will center on Christians living in heaven in God’s presence. For many life now is all about living on earth, life then is all about living in heaven, and these two realms remain distinct and separate.

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