James Stambaugh – Death Before Sin?

Most people are familiar with the creation/evolution issue, yet not many people realize the importance of death to each view. The fact is that, for evolution, death is a sort of creative force. Those who believe in evolution must believe that death has always existed. This is exemplified by theistic evolutionist Dr. Howard Van Till, who says: “It is an incontrovertible scientific fact that there is a long history of life and death for period of billions of years before people like you and I appeared on earth. So physical death before the fall must be accepted as a fact of science.”1 Those who accept the Bible believe that death is a punishment for sin; death must have come into existence after Adam fell. This article is designed to provoke the thinking of God’s people about the significance of death and will examine various aspects of the creation as recorded in Scripture, both before and after the fall. We will explore the state of God’s original creation and the effects of God’s cursing the creation, and consider the eternal state when death will be abolished. Continue Reading

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