Intelmin Week in Review: 27 May – 2 June 2013

Here is what made it on Intelmin this past week. Thanks for stopping by.

Trillia Newbell – Legalism or Love? Religious or Radical?

Greg Haslam – The Authority of Scripture

Chuck Lawless – 7 Steps to Teach Theology in the Local Church

Mike Frisby – What Do We Do in the Face of Suffering?

Justin Holcomb – 9 Types of Leaders in Scripture

Andrew Wilson – Hermeneutical Humility

Dr. Albert Mohler – No Truth Without Love, No Love Without Truth: The Church’s Great Challenge

Jonathan Parnell – Hedonism to the Extreme: Lamborghini and Our Souls

J. Gresham Machen – Christian Scholarship and the Defense of the Faith

Vern Poythress – A Biblical and Scientific Adam

C. Michael Patton – Twelve Ways to Prepare Your Children for Times of Doubt

Candice Watters – Why Have Babies?

Dr. Jason Lisle – Faith vs. Reason

Justin Holcomb – Why the Rising Social Awareness in the Church Should Encourage Us

Josh Fults – Baited by the Beard?

Rod Rosenbladt – Reclaiming the Doctrine of Justification

Tim Challies – How Far is Too Far?

Dr. Albert Mohler – “By What Power or by What Name Did You Do This?” The Question Every Minister of Christ Must Long to Be Asked

Book Review – The Scriptures Testify About Me

Owen Strachan – Jonathan Edwards: Why Read Him?

Paul Washer – The Gospel by Which We Are Saved

Book Review – The Sin of Forgiveness

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