Michael Boling – Reflections on 2 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 57


2 Samuel 22-23; Psalm 57

In 2 Samuel 22 we have a wonderful Psalm of David. The background of this Psalm is praise to God by David for deliverance from all his enemies, including from the hand of Saul. Taking a look back at the life of David, we can see in this Psalm many of the events that took place, the enemies he faced, the victories God provided, the sins and sorrows David endured, and the fact that through it all David looked to God as his source of strength in each and every situation. If there is only underlying theme in this chapter it is one that is found throughout Scripture – God is our salvation.

As we near the end of 2 Samuel and King David being the focus of discussion, we are provided with some final thoughts from David. Those who rule over men must be just and they must govern in the fear of God. David recognized the covenant God had made with his house, one which we will see play out in the remainder of Scripture. 2 Samuel 23 concludes with an overview of the mighty men of David and their many exploits.

Psalm 57 is a michtam of David that speaks of a time when he was on the run from Saul. Michtam is typically understood to mean golden, thus attributing this and other michtam Psalms as being Golden Psalms. This is an apt description given the statements made that reflect the continued theme of the Psalms as a whole – God as the refuge of the righteous. God is shown as the One who gives mercy, who deals with the wicked, who is to be exalted and praised, and whose glory is revealed in all the earth.

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