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Mar 25

Essential Theological Video and Audio

Video: Michael Mize – Evidence for a World-wide Flood Michael Heiser – Reversing Hermon: 1 Enoch, the NT, Watchers, Nephilim & Antichrist Audio: Brandon Braun – The One Who Restores (Luke 4:14-30) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Please follow and like us:

Mar 24

Andy McIntosh – The Intricacies of Flight in the Natural World

Examples of complexity in the natural world are not hard to come by. Living creatures all are examples of irreducible complexity. This phenomenon is well known in design engineering and refers to the fact that there are mechanisms which only work when everything works together. This is certainly true in the natural world as many …

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Mar 23

Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell – Resolving Human Evolutionary Dating Dilemmas

Discrepancies plague the human evolutionary timeline. If you listen closely to newscasters, schoolteachers, and evolutionary experts when they talk about our evolutionary history, you will notice discrepancies in the numbers they quote. Do those discrepancies bother you? Or do you, like many people, simply hear another really big number and move on with your day? …

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Mar 22

Paul James-Griffiths – Creation Days and Orthodox Jewish Tradition

After years of agonizing over the literal days of creation in Genesis, I decided to spend time researching this problem at the London School of Jewish Studies in Hendon, England. After all, I thought, why shouldn’t I go to the natural Jewish vine for some answers? (Of course, one should be cautious to distinguish between …

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Mar 21

Ken Ham – Was There Death Before Adam Sinned?

Which history of death do you accept? Annie’s cruel death destroyed Charles’s tatters of beliefs in a moral, just universe. Later he would say that this period chimed the final death-knell for his Christianity…Charles [Darwin] now took his stand as an unbeliever.” When Charles Darwin wrote his famous book On the Origin of Species, he …

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Mar 15

Michael Boling – Dealing with the Pornification of Society

As I was scanning the airwaves on the drive home from work recently, I was once again taken aback by the incessant message of sexual deviancy that is promoted on seemingly every available channel, except the few Christian music stations, if of course you can find them on the radio dial. As the message of …

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Mar 15

Dan Phillips – Competing Wisdoms

The Bible is a very binary book. It does not wallow in greys and pastels, but sets out the grand issues in bold black-and-white terms that demand of us a commitment, a response, leaving us no place for dithering. Jesus famously said, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather …

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Mar 13

Dr. Andrew Snelling – Five Mass Extinctions or One Cataclysmic Event?

Many scientists claim the fossil record shows many mass extinctions separated by millions of years. Does the Bible give a better explanation? Imagine relaxing at your dream vacation spot. Do you prefer a tropical forest, lush and humid, where fragrances from exotic flowers overwhelm your senses? Or a sandy coast, where the sun warms your …

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Mar 10

Phillip Bell – Standard Snake Evolution Story Stymied by Spate of Fossil Discoveries

Until early 2015, the ‘earliest’ date reported for a fossil snake was less than 100 Ma old. In January, a team led by University of Alberta (Canada) paleontologist Professor Michael Caldwell described fossils of four new species, in Nature Communications, which they claimed extended the snake fossil record backwards by about 70 Ma to the …

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Feb 27

John MacArthur – The First Adam, the Last Adam, and the Gospel

Was Adam a Real Person? The church has historically affirmed that Adam was a historical man, yet with the acceptance of evolutionary science, some now claim that this is not the case. Those who believe that the earth is millions or billions of years old will not accept that God fully formed the human Adam …

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