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Feb 10

Jeremiah Burroughs – A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness

Chapter One: Doctrine: There is a great difference between a wicked man and a godly man. The one minds the earth; the other’s conversation is in heaven The Text Opened, Philippians 3:19 , “…who mind earthly things…” This precious Scripture clearly holds forth the different dispositions of wicked and of godly men, especially of such …

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Feb 08

Michael Boling – Exegetical Paper on Psalm 72

INTRODUCTION Psalm 72 has been explicated by biblical scholars as Messianic due to similarities with Messianic prophecies contained in Isaiah 11:1-5 and Isaiah 60-62. As noted by Derek Kidner, “as a royal psalm it prayed for the reigning king, and was a strong reminder of his high calling; yet it exalted this so far beyond …

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Nov 26

Ryan Reeves – Apostle’s Creed (In 90 Seconds)

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Oct 13

Book Review – A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old and New Testament

I have owned or own numerous single volume or collected sets of introductions to the Bible. Some have been quite helpful in my studies, personal or academic, and others have been shall we say a bit lackluster and somewhat disappointing. Given the plethora of biblical introduction style commentaries that have made their way in and …

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Aug 30

Michael Boling – A Form of Godliness: Fasting, Social Justice and the Sabbath: An Exposition of Isaiah 58:1-14

Exposition of the Text Introduction The pericope of Isaiah 58:1-14 is an exhortation-laden oracle denouncing Israel’s lack of spiritual perspicuity and their penchant to acquiesce to pagan cultic rituals as a method to coerce God into action. Through the prophet Isaiah, God declared that a complete dénouement to such behavior was a precursor to the …

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Jun 21

Book Review – Visual Theology: Seeing and Understanding the Truth About God

Admittedly I am a very visual learner. Many times when my wife is attempting to describe her vision for a future home renovation project, it is difficult for me to put her words into a mental picture of what she is trying to get across. I need a blueprint or a picture at least to …

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Mar 21

Book Review – The Garden, The Curtain, and the Cross

Children (and adults for that matter) love good stories. The introduction of the characters, the building up to the climax, and the resolution, if written well by the author, will capture the reader’s imagination and thoughts. There is nothing better in my humble opinion than an author who ably takes profound theological truth and presents …

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Mar 11

Michael Boling – Lessons From the Garden: Existence, Relationships, and Processes – State of Perfection in the Original Creation

In the book of Genesis, we find God as Creator. The first two chapters of Genesis outline God’s creative activity, most notably His description of that activity as being good with the final conclusion by God that everything He had created was very good. It is absolutely vital to understand what the phrase “very good” …

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Feb 22

John Piper – 1 Peter 2:18–20, Part 3: God Will Reward Every Wrong Endured

Jesus says that those who follow him will suffer, and many of you will suffer for doing good. In this lab, John Piper reminds us of God’s love for us in every trial, and uncovers the promise that one day he will make every wrong right. Please follow and like us:

Feb 01

Ken Ham – What is the Gospel?

Understanding the foundational aspects of the gospel in Genesis is a vital key to unlock a powerful method of evangelism to reach the world for Christ. Surely the answer to this question is obvious to the average Christian. The word gospel means “good news.” When Christians talk about the gospel, they are presenting the good …

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