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Feb 07

Lucid Books – 7 Writing Tips from Charles Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon is the most prolific Christian author of all-time. Prior to the standardization of typewriters—let alone the development of computers — Charles Spurgeon literally penned a boatload of content. He’s considered to be the most widely read preacher and he produced more written material than any other Christian in history. Here’s a sampling …

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Aug 10

Mark Strauss – Mark (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) (Excerpt)

Check out the excellent sale current being offered by my friends at Zondervan Academic. Below is an excerpt from one of the commentaries being offered: Mark leaves no doubt about the subject of his story. The gospel is about Jesus the Messiah and his role in God’s redemptive plan. Jesus will assume center stage throughout. …

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Aug 09

Check it Out: Zondervan ebook Gospel Commentary Sale!

On behalf of my friends at Zondervan Academic, I want to share this outstanding limited time sale they are offering. These are excellent books you will find highly useful in your study of Scripture. For a short time, save up to 80% when you buy eBook editions of Zondervan Academic gospel commentaries! This new commentary …

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Mar 31

Book Review – Israel vs. Iran: The Shadow War

It is no secret regarding the existence of hostilities between Israel and Iran. While overt war between the two nations as not yet taken place, a shadow war clearly exists with Iran utilizing a number of fronts to include terrorist proxy groups to extend its reach as part of Iran’s continued and established plan to …

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Nov 19

Book Review – Diary of a Jackwagon

I don’t often read works of comedy unless I happen to wander across the comic section in a newspaper that may happen to be laying around at work or in the doctor’s office. The “nerdy” section of the local bookstore is where I normally hand my hat. With that said, there are just some comedians …

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Nov 11

Michael Boling – Major Themes of John’s Gospel and Their Application

John provides the reader of his gospel with six major themes which, when understood within their context, have multifarious applications for the modern reader and to the body of Christ at large. The six major themes of the Gospel of John are God, the Christ, salvation, the Spirit, the new covenant community, and last things. …

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Nov 06

Michael Boling – Seeking the Face (Paniym) of God

A recurring concept and for that matter a declaration found throughout Scripture is that of seeking after God and entering His presence. One vital element of what seeking God and entering His presence that I firmly believe many often overlook is what the Hebrew word paniym means and how it relates to what seeking God …

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Feb 09

William Barclay Quote

“God is the great savior, the great deliverer of His people. And the deliverance which He gives is not the deliverance of escape, but the deliverance of conquest. It is not a deliverance which saves a man from trouble but one which brings him triumphantly through trouble. It does not make life easy, but it …

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Jan 14

Dr. D. A. Carson – Must I Learn How To Interpret the Bible?

Hermeneutics is the art and science of interpretation; biblical hermeneutics is the art and science of interpreting the Bible. At the time of the Reformation, debates over interpretation played an enormously important role. These were debates over ―interpretation, not just over interpretations. In other words, the Reformers disagreed with their opponents not only over what …

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Jan 06

Brian Auten – 10 Pitfalls of the Foolish Apologist

A Christian ambassador desires to be tactful, persuasive, sensitive, and thoughtful. Being a good apologist and being able to give good reasons for the truth of the Christian view takes prayer, patience, study, and persistence. For those who have made it their goal to become good defenders of the faith, there are certain positive disciplines and …

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