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Oct 24

Avery Foley and Ken Ham – Atheism: Hopeless, Meaningless, Purposeless

In our secular Western culture, the religion of atheism is on the rise, especially among the millennial generation. Young people are increasingly abandoning the religion they grew up with and turning to life without God. But all they’ve done is replace one religion with another one — the religion of atheism. The Religion of Atheism …

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Jun 06

Avery Foley – Ancient Shopping Lists Confirm God’s Word

When soldiers at a remote desert fortress in Judah penned their shopping lists (or, more accurately, their provisions lists) over 2,600 years ago, they probably did not think that archaeologists would be poring over their handwriting years later! Using a computer algorithm, researchers from Tel Aviv University have been studying these ancient lists of military …

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Jan 03

Avery Foley – Did Adam Step on an Ant Before the Fall?

Often Christians, pastors, and theologians who try to fit millions of years into Genesis 1 object to a literal, recent six-day creation by arguing, “So Adam never stepped on an ant in the Garden of Eden? That can’t be true. There had to be death before sin.” But is such an objection valid? Aside from …

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Sep 09

Avery Foley – Understanding the Planned Parenthood Videos from a Biblical Worldview

Many across America were shocked and revolted when investigative journalists with the Center for Medical Progress released the first in a series of videos featuring Planned Parenthood executives and employees describing how they sell aborted baby body parts. These journalists plan to release around a dozen subsequent undercover videos, and so far each video has …

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Jun 30

Avery Foley – Idolatry of the Bible

It is becoming increasingly common to accuse those who hold to the inerrancy and infallibility of God’s Word of “bibliolatry,” otherwise known as “idolatry of the Bible.” Bibliolatry is defined as “excessive reverence for the Bible as literally interpreted.” Those who accept God’s clear words in Genesis as true history are often accused of worshipping …

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