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Mar 11

Chris Bruno – 10 Things You Should Know about Biblical Theology

1. Biblical theology is different than systematic and historical theology. When some hear “biblical theology,” they might assume that I’m talking about theology that is faithful to the Bible. While its goal is certainly to reflect biblical truth, the discipline of biblical theology is different from other theological methods. For example, the goal of systematic …

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Sep 09

W. Edward Glenny – The Septuagint and Biblical Theology

This is a great time for the study of the Septuagint (LXX), and there is an ever-increasing number of resources available for studying it. Septuagint scholars are publishing monographs and dissertations, new lexicons, commentaries, a new grammar, translations, and introductions, and work continues on a full critical edition called the Göttingen Septuagint. Also, important works …

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Sep 05

Jonathan Master – Biblical and Systematic Theology: Friends

Christianity has always been a doctrinal religion. Theology – that which is taught about God, man, and salvation – has always been central to the Christian church. This is not to discount the place of experience. Certainly the Holy Spirit works in bringing men and women to new life and causing them to grow in …

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May 17

Tim Bertolet – What is Biblical Theology?

We all want our theology to be Biblical so that what we believe and obey is derived from the Bible. However, that is not typically what we mean when we say “Biblical theology”. Biblical theology is a way of understanding the Scripture that pays specific attention to the unfolding of God’s acts of revelation and …

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Jan 04

Amy Sherman – The Basics of a Biblical Theology of Work

To inspire their flock about their daily work, congregational leaders need to start with the vital truth that work preceded the fall. This truth is foundational for faithful vocational stewardship. Work is not a result of humankind’s fall into sin. Work is central in Genesis 1 and 2. There it is—right in the midst of …

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Aug 07

J. I. Packer – Why Do We Need Biblical and Systematic Theology?

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Dec 07

Andreas J. Köstenberger – The Present and Future of Biblical Theology

In his influential address, “Discourse on the Proper Distinction between Biblical and Dogmatic Theology, and the Right Determination of the Aims of Each,” Johann Philipp Gabler (1753-1826) lodged the programmatic proposal that scholars ought to distinguish between biblical and systematic theology. In his lecture, delivered at the University of Altdorf in 1787 (the year the …

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Aug 17

D. A. Carson – Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology

Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology D. A. Carson To relate the nature and functions of systematic theology and biblical theology respectively proves distractingly difficult because various scholarly camps operate with highly divergent definitions of both disciplines, and therefore also entertain assumptions and adopt methods that cannot be reconciled with those of other scholarly camps. The …

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