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Mar 20

Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge – Atheism is Religion

Almost all atheists claim that, because (supposedly) there is no God, their own worldview is not a religion. Many of them would argue that they have a “nonbelief.” One of the definitions of religion in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, however, is this: “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.” Atheism …

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Jan 03

Terry Mortenson and Bodie Hodge – The Documentary Hypothesis: Moses, Genesis, and the JEDP?

In the past few hundred years, the Bible has been under severe attack by scientific and philosophical skeptics of all sorts. In this scientific age the most-attacked book of the Bible has arguably been Genesis, particularly the first 11 chapters. Long-age geology, big-bang cosmology, secular archaeology, liberal theology, and philosophical attacks on miracles in the …

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Oct 20

Book Review – World Religions and Cults: Moralistic, Mythical and Mysticism Religions

It is readily accepted that Walter Martin’s classic Kingdom of the Cults is the standard work on the plethora of cult religions across the globe. While I certainly recommend Martin’s contribution to this topic, the recent multi-volume release from Master Books on World Religions and Cults is another valuable tool for understanding how to not …

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Sep 13

Bodie Hodge – What Did Noah’s Ark Look Like?

Most of us have seen various depictions of Noah’s Ark—from the large, box-like vessel to the one in children’s nurseries with the giraffes’ heads sticking out the top. But what did the Ark really look like? Can we really know for sure? Depicting the Ark — A Sign of the Times? Noah’s Ark has been …

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