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Feb 20

Michael Boling – Book Review: Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature

When the term apocalyptic literature is used, most are likely drawn to thinking about books in Scripture such as Revelation or perhaps the ending chapters of Matthew where Jesus described the time of the end. While both are indeed apocalyptic, what is often forgotten is the plethora and rich literature of this genre found in …

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Feb 06

Michael Boling – Book Review: The Earliest Christologies

It has been some time since I dug into a good “nerdy” theological style text. Over the past few months, I had tried to give my brain a bit of a break after another breakneck pace of reading last year. The kind folks at IVP Academic sent my direction a book which at first glance …

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Dec 26

Book Review – A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament

I thoroughly enjoy resources that enable me to dig deeper into Scripture. Of particular note is the ability to explore and understand the biblical languages. While there is certainly nothing wrong with simply reading Scripture via the numerous quality translations available to us today, it is vitally important in my humble opinion to grasp what …

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Nov 28

Book Review – The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures

It is not that much of a stretch to declare the Word of God has been under attack since the Garden of Eden when the Serpent questioned God’s command to Adam up until the present day when Scripture continues to be questioned on seemingly all fronts. The desire for man to do what is right …

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Oct 13

Book Review – A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old and New Testament

I have owned or own numerous single volume or collected sets of introductions to the Bible. Some have been quite helpful in my studies, personal or academic, and others have been shall we say a bit lackluster and somewhat disappointing. Given the plethora of biblical introduction style commentaries that have made their way in and …

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Sep 12

Book Review – Good & Angry: Redeeming Anger, Irritation, Complaining, and Bitterness

“Be angry and do not sin.” This proclamation by the Apostle Paul seems a bit far-fetched at times. At least in my own life, anger seems to be directly associated with sinful behavior on my part. I certainly am a pro at getting angry or at the least, a bit miffed when someone has rubbed …

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Sep 02

Book Review – The Lordship of Christ

Jesus is Lord. This is a common proclamation by believers. However, do we truly understand what Jesus as Lord means in our life? If he is Lord, what does that look like on a practical level and how does it impact everything we do? Or does it? We certainly claim it does by declaring Jesus …

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Aug 22

Book Review: Atlantis: Fact or Fiction

Atlantis is one of those stories that seems to perpetually captivate the imagination. From movies made by Disney to books that attempt to find support for civilization actually existing, say the word Atlantis and all manner of ideas come to mind. But did Atlantis really exist in some for or fashion or was it merely …

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Aug 17

Book Review – Theologians You Should Know

As self-titled book nerd and Seminary survivor, I can humbly state there are many, many theologians for which I have at least a passing familiarity. It seems everyone gravitates towards certain scholars/theologians for a variety of reasons ranging from the subject matter that formed the locus of the author’s writings, to perhaps the way the …

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Aug 11

Book Review – The Myth of the Eternal Return

The return of Jesus. For believers, this is our great hope, the foundation upon which all of history is moving towards. We yearn for the day when the Bridegroom returns for his bride and restoration and redemption of this fall universe is complete. The message of the gospel is rooted in a declaration that there …

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