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Aug 28

John MacArthur – Can We Add to God’s Word?

Over the last hundred years, the church has seen an explosion of interest in the Holy Spirit—particularly in His work of empowering God’s people and revealing His truth. This renewed interest in the Spirit’s role in our daily lives has injected excitement and enthusiasm into many churches, as the Lord seems to be revealing Himself …

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Apr 25

Cameron Cole – 5 Tools Needed to Reach Today’s Teens

I have ministered to adolescents for eleven years, eight of them as a youth minister. Based on my conversations with kids and observations in the culture, I consider these five theological tools essential for parents, pastors, and youth ministers hoping to minister effectively to today’s teens. 1. Knowledge about the canonization of Scripture. Perhaps it …

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Mar 22

A. A. Hodge – The Holy Scriptures: The Canon and Inspiration

I. I AM to speak this afternoon of the Bible, its genesis and its inspiration. The word “Bible” means book, the word “Scripture” means writing, and it is by the common consent of men that these words are applied to this one subject, because it is a Book of books, and because, beyond all comparison, …

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Aug 17

D. A. Carson – Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology

Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology D. A. Carson To relate the nature and functions of systematic theology and biblical theology respectively proves distractingly difficult because various scholarly camps operate with highly divergent definitions of both disciplines, and therefore also entertain assumptions and adopt methods that cannot be reconciled with those of other scholarly camps. The …

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