Dave Jenkins – Broussard, Gay Marriage and “Tolerance”

The other day, Chris Broussard, a sports commenter on ESPN, stated he believed homosexuality was sinful. The fact that on national TV a well-known sports commentator stated this is surprising in a good way. Chris says he is a Christian and believes pre-marital sex and homosexuality are wrong and I commend him in this. The attack he is under right now from the very media he is a part of to include the pushback from popular culture isn’t surprising. Given the Supreme Court is set to weigh in with its opinion on the issue of gay marriage, all of this has me thinking, “How should Christians handle the homosexual issue?

On the surface of it as Christians we believe homosexuality is wrong because God created marriage between one man (Adam) and one woman (Eve) (Genesis 2). God created Adam to be the leader in the home and Eve to be his helpmate (Genesis 2-3). God also says homosexuality is an abomination (Lev. 18:22) and He gives people over to their passions (Romans 1). All of that is pretty clear from Scripture, namely what God thinks of homosexuality and gay marriage. With that said, here is where it gets much more complicated.

Our culture wants us to believe that it is tolerant and yet is it really? It’s okay for someone to “come out of the closet” but it’s not okay for a Christian (Broussard or others) to come out and voice their opinion even if it’s done pleasantly and not pointed at the person. To me, this seems like a double standard. For one person it’s okay to say what they believe, but for the other it’s not okay. It’s this double-speak and the direction our country is going that concerns and alarms me.

Christians are called to rightly divide the Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:15). We are called to speak the Truth in love (1 Peter 3:15). When Christians act in accordance with what the Bible teaches they are acting consistently in relation to what they believe. Yet, here’s the rub with our popular culture. Christians are often accused of being hypocrites, bigoted, and more and yet when we act consistently with what we believe and speak out against certain hot-button issues, it is we who are “intolerant”, misguided and religious fanatics. If a child misbehaves what happens? They get sent to their room, told why they did something wrong, and so on. If an adult acts like a child what happens? Nothing, they just look like a fool. I honestly believe many adults act more like children. We don’t allow for other people to speak and when they do speak we “censor” what they say to make it more palatable for ourselves to bear. Is it any wonder why many in our culture look to Oprah, TV preachers, and pop culture for sources of Truth instead of looking to what the Bible or those who actually believe and preach what the Word of God has to say?

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