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Jun 22

Danny Faulkner – Is the Origin of Life a Scientific Question?

The Origin of Life: What Are the Possibilities? The origin of life has been debated for a long time. Basically, there are four possible explanations for the existence of life on earth: Life on earth arose spontaneously. Life on earth has always existed. Life on earth came about through a supernatural act of creation by …

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Jun 17

Dominic Statham – Only the Bible Explains the Diversity of Life

Evolutionists often misrepresent biblical creationists, saying that we claim that one species cannot change into another—that we believe in the ‘fixity of species’. They then present undeniable evidence that species can change and argue that they have shown us to be ignorant of scientific facts. This, of course, is nonsense. Those who base their understanding …

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May 10

Dr. Werner Gitt – The Basic Assumptions of Creationism

Theories and models of the various creation disciplines are based on the following presuppositions. Assumptions E1 and C1, E2 and C2 . . . E12 and C12 deal with the same topics; their contents, however, are diametrically opposed. The basic assumptions clearly show that these two sets of principles are incompatible. C1: The basic principle …

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Dec 30

Philip Bell – True Versus False Humility: The Incarnation, Creation and Evolution

At this time of year, our attention is increasingly focused on the amazing fact of the incarnation of the Lord Jesus, God’s promised Messiah. My own thoughts often turn to the wonderful prophetic words of Isaiah about the birth of God’s Son, “and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be …

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May 08

Calvin Smith – Sleeping With the Enemy

CMI has long pointed to the connection between atheism and evolutionary teaching. By definition all thinking atheists must believe in evolution of some sort (and its co-joined concept of millions of years of earth history) to explain their existence without a creator. F. Sherwood Taylor (former Curator of the Museum of the History of Science, …

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Feb 01

Tony Breeden – Underminers: The Self-Defeating Proposition of Compromising Scripture With Millions of Years of Evolution

Imagine you are in command of military forces defending a castle. You have lots of things to worry about. Your enemy will use catapults and trebuchet to hurl rocks, incendiary devices, hornet’s nests and plague-ridden horse carcasses over your walls. They will use battering rams to bash in your fortified gates. They will scale your …

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Jan 23

Tony Breeden – Deflating Dobzhansky’s Grand Assumption, Revisited: Is the Assumption Still Necessary?

Recently, a fellow Appalachian objected to my use of a 1937 quote from Theodosius Dobzhansky based on an implied appeal to novelty. An appeal to novelty is the fallacious assumption that just because something is newer, it must be better or more true than something older. He basically asked, given my 1937 quotation, whether I …

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Sep 20

Dr. Henry Morris – Biblical Creationism

Enjoy this free .pdf copy of this classic book.Dr. Henry Morris – Biblical Creationism Please follow and like us: