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Oct 13

Book Review – A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old and New Testament

I have owned or own numerous single volume or collected sets of introductions to the Bible. Some have been quite helpful in my studies, personal or academic, and others have been shall we say a bit lackluster and somewhat disappointing. Given the plethora of biblical introduction style commentaries that have made their way in and …

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Sep 29

Matthew Harmon – Why Study the Book of Jeremiah?

Why Study Jeremiah? On one level, the answer to the question “Why study Jeremiah?” is straightforward. On the day of his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his startled disciples as they hid from the authorities (Luke 24:36-49). In that appearance, Jesus reminded them of what he taught them before his death and resurrection: “Everything written about …

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Sep 02

Book Review – The Lordship of Christ

Jesus is Lord. This is a common proclamation by believers. However, do we truly understand what Jesus as Lord means in our life? If he is Lord, what does that look like on a practical level and how does it impact everything we do? Or does it? We certainly claim it does by declaring Jesus …

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Aug 17

Book Review – Theologians You Should Know

As self-titled book nerd and Seminary survivor, I can humbly state there are many, many theologians for which I have at least a passing familiarity. It seems everyone gravitates towards certain scholars/theologians for a variety of reasons ranging from the subject matter that formed the locus of the author’s writings, to perhaps the way the …

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Apr 04

Book Review – Praying the Bible

Okay I admit it. My prayer life is often duller than that knife I have out in the garage that will not even cut through warm butter. I have often felt guilty about my prayer life or lack of one. It is not as though I do not have a lot to speak with God …

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Mar 24

Book Review – James: Faith that Works

I hate to admit that I both love and hate the book of James. Okay – I know we are not supposed to hate any book of the Bible, but James addresses a plethora of life issues, many of which we struggle to place under the lordship of Jesus. I love what James has to …

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Mar 10

Book Review – History: A Student’s Guide

I enjoy history. Not the boring, droning of mere facts and figures, but rather, digging into history, finding out the way and why of our past in an effort to inform our approach and understanding of the present. This is really what doing history is all about, an approach that is often not what is …

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Feb 27

David Helm – Why Good Works Are Crucial for the Christian Life

Living As Worthy Citizens What is required of us to live in this world as citizens worthy of all the wonders and relationships belonging to the next? The Apostle Peter gives us his answer in two simple words in 1 Peter 2: abstain (v. 11) and keep (v. 12). Abstain from the Passions of the …

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Feb 20

Book Review – Family Worship

As a father and a husband, I recognize both the need to lead my family in the things of God as well as the daily grind that demands so much of my attention and that of my wife and daughter. The command is quite clear in Scripture – husbands and fathers are to instruct their …

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Feb 25

Book Review – Christ or Chaos

Fundamentally, all worldviews are based on a set of assumptions. When it comes to atheism and its backbone theory of evolution as compared to Christianity and its backbone of a belief in the truth of Scripture, those aforementioned assumptions are vital in assessing the validity of the claims made by each position. In his book …

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