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Mar 21

D. A. Carson – How to Subtly Abandon Your Bible’s Authority

On the danger of appealing to selective evidence: The most severe forms of this drift [appealing to selective evidence] are well exemplified in the teaching and preaching of the HWPG—the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel. Link together some verses about God sending prosperity to the land with others that reflect on the significance of being …

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Jan 02

D. A. Carson – The Puritans: What They Have That The Moderns Have Not

Whoever dares embark on a subject of this nature in a paper this brief faces three insuperable difficulties. The first concerns definition: how large a group of people, over how broad a time-span, can be included in the term “Puritan”? Even if that problem is solved, it leads directly to the next: in a brief …

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Dec 31

D. A. Carson – The Tabula Rasa Fallacy

Carl Henry has long been fond of saying that there are two kinds of presuppositionalists: those who admit it and those who don’t. We might adapt his analysis to our topic: There are two kinds of practitioners of hermeneutics: those who admit it and those who don’t. For every time we find something in the …

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Aug 06

D. A. Carson – The Power of the Gospel

We tend to overlook how often the gospel of Christ crucified is described as “power.” Paul is not ashamed of the gospel, he declares, “because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom 1:16). Writing to the Corinthians, Paul insists that “the message of the cross is foolishness to …

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Jul 01

D. A. Carson – Why Pray to an All-knowing God?

Prayer changes things. You find plaques promulgating this notion everywhere. You may have one in your home. Countless sermons have been preached, countless prayers prayed, under this assumption: “Prayer changes things.” Or does it? If prayer changes things, how can we believe that God is sovereign and all-knowing? How can we hold that he has …

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May 26

D. A. Carson – When Did the Church Begin?

When Did the Church Begin? This question is not uncommon, especially among theological students. Sometimes people ask it because they have been exposed to dispensational teaching. In that case, the answer one gives becomes a kind of litmus test to a nest of other questions that dispensationalists pose. People from a dispensational heritage emphasize discontinuity …

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Apr 02

D. A. Carson – Are You Sure You Want God’s Justice?

When we suffer, which we will, there will often be mystery. Will there also be faith? In Christian thought, faith is never naïve or gullible, but rather relies on the strength of its object. Faith that depends on a God who is a cruel tyrant or cheap trickster will be bitterly disappointed in the end. …

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Feb 26

D. A. Carson – Faith or Christ?: The Ground of All Human Assurance Before God

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Jan 27

Keith Whitfield and D. A. Carson – How Should We Understand the Gospel?

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Oct 28

D. A. Carson- How to Read the Bible and Do Theology Well

It’s been said that the Bible is like a body of water in which a child may wade and an elephant may swim. The youngest Christian can read the Bible with profit, for the Bible’s basic message is simple. But we can never exhaust its depth. After decades of intense study, the most senior Bible …

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