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Aug 09

Michael Boling – Wise Financial Living: Removing the Heavy Burden of Debt

A focus in my home for 2016 is that of getting out of debt. Now we are not drowning in the throes of piles of unpayable debts; however, things such as car payments, credit card payments, and other bills of that nature are becoming continuous “ankle-biters” we have determined need to be addressed. The reasons …

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Jan 10

Randy Alcorn – Nine Consequences of Debt

Scripture discourages debt. It condemns the misuse of debt and the failure to repay debts (Psalm 37:21; Proverbs 3:27-28). If we take God’s Word seriously, we should avoid debt. In those rare cases where we go into debt, we should make every effort to get out as soon as possible (2 Kings 4:1; Matthew 5:25-26; …

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