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Mar 06

Douglas Wilson – Psalm 85: The Kiss of Salvation

INTRODUCTION: God puts sinners back together, and God in His mercy puts backsliders back together again. How He does this is truly remarkable, and as we enter into the spirit of this psalm we find ourselves right at the heart of the gospel. THE TEXT: “Lord, thou hast been Favourable unto thy land: Thou hast …

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Mar 01

Douglas Wilson – Psalm 84: No Good Thing Will He Withhold

INTRODUCTION: This is a psalm of pilgrimage—worshipers of God afar off are longing to be where they can worship Him at the place where He has set His name. They yearn to be at the place of worship, at his tabernacle, and the spirit of worship drives them there. THE TEXT: “How amiable are thy …

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Feb 22

Douglas Wilson – Psalm 83: Silent Jehovah

INTRODUCTION: Here is the last of the psalms attributed to Asaph. You might recall that we discussed how this could be Asaph himself, or someone descended from him, in the “school” of Asaph. This psalm is likely written by Jehaziel, a Levite descended from Asaph (2 Chron. 20:14). From the internal evidence, the episode referred …

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Feb 15

Douglas Wilson – Psalm 82: God Among Gods

INTRODUCTION: We come now to yet another psalm of Asaph. Unlike many psalms, this one is not directed to God. It speaks of Him, but the import of what is said is directed at rulers. This is an Old Testament instance of “teaching and admonishing one another,” although in this case directed at wickedness outside …

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Dec 18

Douglas Wilson – Themes in Proverbs: Work and Laziness

INTRODUCTION: One of the things we must recognize is that work does not exist in the world because of the Fall. Work got a lot more difficult because of our sin, and it labors under a curse, but God gave the cultural mandate to mankind, a mandate which involved an enormous amount of work, before …

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Dec 06

Douglas Wilson – Themes in Proverbs: Self-Control

Introduction: When we think of the phrase self-control, the first thing that comes to mind is control of the bodily appetites. We think of resisting temptations to lust or to gluttony. But that is not the only concern of Proverbs when it comes to learning how to control oneself. Many of the passages dealing with …

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Nov 02

Douglas Wilson – Wisdom and the Wise: Themes in Proverbs 1

INTRODUCTION: As we begin a short series of messages on “themes in Proverbs,” we begin with the topic of wisdom—wisdom and the wise. This book is part of what is called the Wisdom Literature of Scripture, and so in one sense everything the book teaches falls under the heading of wisdom. But I want to …

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Jun 30

Douglas Wilson – Surveying the Text: Jude

Introduction: In order to make applications from the text of Scripture to our own lives—which is an essential part of Christian living—it is necessary to identify what features of the biblical narrative or instruction are constant and what features change according to time and circumstance. If you are fighting devils with two horns in one …

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Jun 19

Douglas Wilson – Surveying the Text: 2 & 3 John

Introduction: These two epistles are quite distinct, but being from the same author, and being so short, we will consider them together. As it happens, some of the issues raised are intertwined in some interesting ways. The Text: “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, …

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May 31

Douglas Wilson – Surveying the Text: 1 John

Introduction: All passages of Scripture must be understood in context, but some by their nature require more contextualization than others. First John is one such book. Without an understanding of the errors it was written to refute, the necessary result is always going to be more error. The Text: “That which was from the beginning, …

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