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Mar 25

Essential Theological Video and Audio

Video: Michael Mize – Evidence for a World-wide Flood Michael Heiser – Reversing Hermon: 1 Enoch, the NT, Watchers, Nephilim & Antichrist Audio: Brandon Braun – The One Who Restores (Luke 4:14-30) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Please follow and like us:

Mar 21

Ken Ham – Was There Death Before Adam Sinned?

Which history of death do you accept? Annie’s cruel death destroyed Charles’s tatters of beliefs in a moral, just universe. Later he would say that this period chimed the final death-knell for his Christianity…Charles [Darwin] now took his stand as an unbeliever.” When Charles Darwin wrote his famous book On the Origin of Species, he …

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Feb 27

John MacArthur – The First Adam, the Last Adam, and the Gospel

Was Adam a Real Person? The church has historically affirmed that Adam was a historical man, yet with the acceptance of evolutionary science, some now claim that this is not the case. Those who believe that the earth is millions or billions of years old will not accept that God fully formed the human Adam …

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Feb 11

Terry Mortenson – When Was Adam Created?

Introduction When did Adam come into existence? Evolutionists say Homo sapiens came into existence 200,000 to 400,000 years ago (depending on which evolutionist you consult, because they do not all agree on what a Homo sapiens is). Can we harmonize that with the teaching of God’s Word? Today, many Christians, including many leaders and scholars, …

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Feb 11

Thomas Fretwell – ‘Prehistoric’ Preachers: Dinosaurs as “The Gateway Drug to Atheism”: What is Their Real Message?

Dinosaurs have the power to captivate audiences, both young and old. They have fuelled people’s imaginations for generations. The veil of mystery surrounding them only adds to the intrigue. Where did the great beasts come from? Why did they go extinct? Such questions fuel the passion of a million would-be paleontologists still under the age …

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Feb 02

Andrew Snelling – When Continents Collide

When geologists assume the earth changes slowly, they overlook astonishing evidence of Noah’s global Flood. Writing in the early 1800s, lawyer-turned-geologist Charles Lyell radically changed how people look at the world. Using his legal training to build cases, he argued convincingly that the earth’s piles of rock layers were formed over millions of years by …

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Jan 30

Jerry Bergman – Why the Miller–Urey Research Argues Against Abiogenesis

Contemporary research has failed to provide a viable explanation as to how abiogenesis could have occurred on Earth. The abiogenesis problem is now so serious that most evolutionists today tend to shun the entire field because they are ‘uneasy about stating in public that the origin of life is a mystery, even though behind closed …

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Jan 21

Russell Grigg – Does God have Body Parts?

Recently I was talking to a Bible Society translator and happened to mention the concept of a literal Genesis. He immediately challenged me with, ‘What about the anthropomorphisms?’ So what are anthropomorphisms? And what do they have to do with a literal Genesis? God and human characteristics Anthropomorphisms (from Greek ἄνθρωπος (anthrōpos) = man/human + …

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Jan 18

Michael Boling – Creation: Why, How, and When Did God Create the Universe?

(This was my contribution to the recent issue of Theology for Life. To view or download the latest issue, click here.) Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Scripture begins with a simple, clear, and important declaration. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. There is …

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Jan 06

Michael Boling – Lessons from the Garden: God’s Covering of our Nakedness

Over the past couple of weeks at a Bible Study I have been attending, we have been exploring some fundamental aspects of Scripture and theology in general. As a starting point, a necessary one I might add, the discussion has centered on Genesis 1-4 for it is in these first four chapters of Scripture that …

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