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Feb 28

Raymond Ortlund, Jr. – Compromise on Marriage, Lose the Gospel

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Jan 13

J. C. Ryle – 5 Ways to Spoil the Gospel

There are many ways in which the faith of Christ may be marred and spoiled, without being positively denied. And here we venture to think is the very reason that so much religion called Christian, is not truly Evangelical. The Gospel in fact is a most curiously and delicately compounded medicine, and a medicine that …

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Jan 11

Daniel Hyde – Continually Washed by the Gospel

Right after you were born, the blood and vernix on your body was washed off by a nurse or even your mom or dad. Have you taken a bath or shower since the day you were born? Of course you have. Our bodies continually become dirtied, requiring new cleansing. It is the same way with …

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Nov 11

Greg Gilbert – What Is the Gospel?

A Message from God What exactly do Christians mean when they talk about the “gospel of Jesus Christ”? Since the word “gospel” means “good news,” when Christians talk about the gospel, they’re simply telling the good news about Jesus! It’s a message from God saying, “Good news! Here is how you can be saved from …

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Sep 14

William Varner – Seed of Promise in Genesis 3:15

The gospel is not something God hid until Jesus came in the flesh. After Adam’s Fall, God shared the seeds of a plan He had already worked out before time began. Private conversations between individuals have often turned the tide of history. Think of just one example: the secret meetings between Roosevelt and Churchill, settling …

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Sep 04

Mike Leake – The Ear-Ticklers Carousel

My daughter could hardly contain the smile on her face. She was getting to do what I’m confident she’d dreamed of doing for most of her life—ride a unicorn. Or maybe it was a rhino. Maybe a lion. I really can’t remember because I was too bored to pay much attention. Don’t get me wrong …

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Aug 06

D. A. Carson – The Power of the Gospel

We tend to overlook how often the gospel of Christ crucified is described as “power.” Paul is not ashamed of the gospel, he declares, “because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom 1:16). Writing to the Corinthians, Paul insists that “the message of the cross is foolishness to …

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Jul 05

Michael Boling – The Gospel: A Message of Redemption and Restoration

The word gospel has experienced a bit of a resurgence of late. All one has to do is take a walk down the aisle of their favorite Christian bookstore or go to their favorite bloggers website to see this term utilized in seemingly every book or blog post title. We are encouraged to be “Gospel-Centered”, …

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May 17

John Piper – 2 Timothy 2:8–10, Part 2: The Gospel Triumphs Through Suffering

When Paul says the word of God is not bound, what does he mean? Can the word work and spread apart from workers willing to suffer for it? In this lab, John Piper talks about the power of the gospel and the power of suffering to spread and confirm the gospel. Please follow and like …

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Apr 27

John Colquhoun – The Establishment of the Law by the Gospel

Although in the preceding chapter I have anticipated some of the thoughts which will be expressed here, yet the subject of this chapter is of such inexpressible importance that I cannot forbear considering it by itself. After the Apostle Paul had, in the third chapter of his epistle to the Romans, asserted and proved that …

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