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Feb 19

John MacArthur – How Scripture Empowers Personal Holiness

Becoming More like God Godliness, Christlikeness, and Christian spirituality all describe a Christian becoming more like God. The most powerful way to effect this change is by letting the Word of God dwell in one richly (Col. 3:16). When one embraces Scripture without reservation, it will energetically work God’s will in the believer’s life (1 …

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Jan 20

Horatius Bonar – God’s Way of Holiness

1. The New Life It is to a new life that God is calling us; not to some new steps in life, some new habits or ways or motives or prospects, but to a new life. For the production of this new life the eternal Son of God took flesh, died, was buried, and rose …

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Dec 15

Josh Hussung – I Just Caught My Kid Looking at Pornography

It’s a day that you prayed wouldn’t come. You discover that the search history on your computer or phone shows that it has. Your child has been searching for internet pornography. Sadly, this is somewhat of a right of passage for many parents today, and Christians are not immune. A highly sexualized culture, combined with …

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Dec 10

Jeff Robinson – Some Reasons Personal Holiness has been Neglected in American Churches

“Good works, performed in obedience to God’s commandments, are these: the fruits and evidences of a true and living faith. By these believers express and show their thankfulness, strengthen their assurance, edify their brethren, adorn the profession of the Gospel, stop the mouths of adversaries, and glorify God, whose workmanship they are, created in Christ …

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Nov 09

Tom Hawkes – Holiness is Our Goal

You shall be holy, for I am holy. Recently Dr. Ed Welch, a man for whose ministry I have great respect and have benefited from immensely, wrote a blog post entitled, “https://www.ccef.org/resources/blog/holiness-not-goal” I wish to respectfully, and carefully, disagree. I wish to disagree, not so much with the sentiment of his article, to which I …

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Oct 18

Joseph Franks – Hide No Longer

There are times when it is profitable to hide. Joseph ran from the adulterous wife of Potiphar. Elijah ran from the Ahab and Jezebel who sought his head. Paul taught his readers to flee from the devil and his temptations, and David taught his students to hide God’s Word in their hearts. Even Jesus told …

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Oct 10

John Piper – 1 Thessalonians 3:11–13: What Does It Mean to Be Holy?

Without holiness you will not see the Lord. Without knowing what holiness means you may never attain it. In this lab, Pastor John helps us understand what it means to be holy. Please follow and like us:

Sep 29

John MacArthur – Grace vs. Holiness

One of the great dangers facing the church in these postmodern days is that professing believers will substitute the God of the Bible for a lesser deity of their own design—one that reflects their values, their morality, and their priorities. It’s a subtle shift, as men and women who claim to know and love God …

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Sep 09

Ed Welch – Holiness is Not Our Goal

There is a legal structure in so much Christian thought—justification, covenants, guilt, law, obedience—and it can dominate the deeper structure of Scripture. Perhaps it is the familiarity of legal imagery. The U.S. is a country of law, and an American citizen cannot go more than a few minutes without thinking about violating a speed limit, …

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Jun 04

James Buchanan – The Work of the Spirit as the Spirit of Holiness

The general work of the Spirit of God consists of two parts — the regeneration of sinners, and the edification of his people. Under the latter, several special operations of his grace are included, which are distinctly mentioned in sacred Scripture, and which may be considered separately, as examples of the connection which subsists betwixt …

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