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Mar 25

Trevin Wax – Can We “Agree to Disagree” on Sexuality and Marriage

The biggest issue confronting evangelicalism today is not over homosexuality and marriage, but whether or not these are “agree-to-disagree” issues. The question takes various forms: Can progressive evangelicals who advocate same-sex marriage share a measure of unity with the rest of the global church? Is it possible to see one’s view of sexual ethics as …

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Mar 07

Book Review – Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality with Teens

We live in a time when what once was considered right is now viewed as intolerance. Arguably, this paradigm shift in our culture is most evident when it comes to the subject of gay marriage versus biblical marriage. The recent Supreme Court decision ruling gay marriage to be legal greatly shifted the social landscape. Add …

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Sep 14

James DeYoung – The Source and NT Meaning of Arsenokoitai, With Implications for Christian Ethics and Ministry

Coincident with the rise of the gay rights movement in recent years has been an increasing focus on the biblical statements regarding homosexuality or sodomy. As part of this focus, the meaning of the term rsenokotai (arsenokoitai, “homosexuals”), used twice by the apostle Paul (1 Cor 6:9; 1 Tim 1:10), has received vigorous scrutiny. This …

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Sep 14

John MacArthur – God’s Word on Homosexuality: The Truth About Sin and the Reality of Forgiveness

“All you need is love.” So said the Beatles. If they had been singing about God’s love, the statement would have a grain of truth in it. But what usually goes by the name love in popular culture is not authentic love at all; it is actually a deadly fraud. Far from being “all you …

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Apr 15

Rick Phillips – The Bible and Homosexuality: Wrong and Right Lessons

The news broke this week that City Church San Francisco has reversed its prohibition against practicing homosexuals being admitted into church membership (see here). Previously, only celibate homosexuals were accepted as biblically faithful Christians. Senior Pastor Fred Harrell explained the shift on the basis of recent “social science research” that convinced him and his elders …

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Aug 03

Michael Boling – What About Marriage and Homosexuality?

(This was my article submission to the latest issue of Theology For Life. To read the full issue, click here.) The issue of whether Scripture denounces the practice of homosexuality, or whether such prohibitions are merely the concoction of fundamentalist sympathizers, is increasingly a central point of discussion in today’s society. The question of biblical …

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Jun 27

Michael Boling – Ethical Position Paper on Homosexuality

INTRODUCTION The issue of whether scripture denounces the practice of homosexuality or whether such prohibitions are merely the concoction of fundamentalist sympathizers is increasingly a central point of discussion in today’s society. The question of biblical doctrine and ethical behavior in relation to the permissiveness of homosexuality within the church is at a crossroads. Many …

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May 31

Dr. Albert Mohler – No Truth Without Love, No Love Without Truth: The Church’s Great Challenge

The church’s engagement with the culture involves a host of issues, controversies, and decisions–but no issue defines our current cultural crisis as clearly as homosexuality. Some churches and denominations have capitulated to the demands of the homosexual rights movement, and now accept homosexuality as a fully valid lifestyle. Other denominations are tottering on the brink, …

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May 02

Dave Jenkins – Broussard, Gay Marriage and “Tolerance”

The other day, Chris Broussard, a sports commenter on ESPN, stated he believed homosexuality was sinful. The fact that on national TV a well-known sports commentator stated this is surprising in a good way. Chris says he is a Christian and believes pre-marital sex and homosexuality are wrong and I commend him in this. The …

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Mar 27

Dave Jenkins – Worldviews in Conflict: Biblical Christianity, Gay Marriage and the Word of God

Introduction Recently there has been much conversation both inside the Church and outside the Church about the issue of gay marriage. One example of this inside the Church is from former pastor Rob Bell who recently preached at an Episcopal church in California. In response to a question regarding same-sex marriage, Bell said, “I am …

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